Dog Wash Cleaning Your Pet Has Never Been Easier!
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Dog Wash-How It Works Video

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Let’s take a look at how all the parts of your Dog Wash work together:

The easy non-slip rubber ramp invites the pet into the tub.
The waist-high tub provides the owner with comfortable access to their pet without bending over.
The owner attaches the restraining leash to secure the dog into position and help keep pet from jumping out of tub or injuring itself.
Complete easy to follow instructions are posted right on the control panel for the first time customer to follow.
The owner then inserts coins or bills into the deluxe coin box. The coin box can be programmed to accept any amount of money for any amount of time. Note that the coin box does not give change. The timer then starts to countdown and water flow begins. Note that the Dog Wash does not need a pump. We do not want to power wash our dogs; we are simply giving them a shower with normal city water pressure. Hot water and cold water then merge together into the blending valve creating a constant flow of warm bath water. The rotary switch may then be turned to the desired function.
When the rotary switch is turned to the shampoo function, the corresponding solenoid inside the control panel is activated. When the trigger on the shower head is squeezed open, the flow of the warm water creates a natural suction, siphoning up the desired shampoo which then gets mixed in with the warm water and what comes out of the shower head is a pleasant, warm, sudsy lather. The owner then bathes the entire dog in the soapy mixture.
When the pet has been cleaned sufficiently with the soap they simply turn the rotary switch to the rinse function. When the selector switch is turned to rinse the soap solenoid shuts off and nothing but warm water is flushed through the lines until dog is thoroughly rinsed.
By turning the rotary switch to the conditioner setting, the corresponding solenoid for conditioner will activate automatically drawing up the conditioner product. When finished applying conditioner we once again rinse.
After the customer has finished washing and rinsing, it’s time to dry the dog. First of all, it’s important to note that the Kleen-Pet Dog Wash Dryer DOES NOT blow hot air as hot air can seriously dry out a dog’s skin. Working closely with the pet grooming industry, we have developed dryers specifically designed for dogs. These dryers blow room temperature ambient air and will not harm dog skin. All the owner needs to do is once again turn the rotary switch to one of the dry settings. Once the rotary switch is turned to one of the dryer functions, the water flow immediately stops and the dryer is automatically activated. Gentle dry will activate one of the two motors in the dryer forcing a steady stream of room temperature air through the dryer hose. For larger or longhaired dogs customers can choose super dry, which activates the second motor, giving double the air forced through the dryer hose.
If during the course of wash the customer begins to run out of time, a last minute warning beep will sound alerting the customer to insert more money giving them additional time.
Once the dog is thoroughly cleaned, washed and dried, the owner then unhooks the restraining leash and leads it down the ramp. And voila, a clean and happy family pet.