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I think it’s probably one of the best things we’ve ever done. It brings in $1000 a month or more. It’s fabulous. I couldn’t have thought of a better use for an unused bay. The dog wash package as it is now is a great marketing package. With the dog wash cliental we have a whole new customer base. It’s good for business and people just love it. They thank me and say how great it is. They say they never want to wash their dog at home any more.”
-Mike Mckonly, Kleen-Rite Carwash

“It allowed me to have another profit center. I put a glass storefront in the front that you see here. I converted over the storage room to the self-serve pet wash. The vending has been excellent. A lot of times it out produces my vending here at the carwash. I would highly recommend it because it’s going to increase their traffic. They’re going to add more value to the customer. It gives the customer extra options and helps set apart your carwash from another carwash.”
- Harry Arseniu, Loganville Car Wash

“I would think if you have a car wash this is a must. We put two dog washes in. We really get a lot of business here on the weekends. Sometimes there are people actually waiting outside to get in. It just doesn’t leave any mess at the house and a lot of people say ‘yeah this is exactly what we needed.’ You come here and bathe them and flea & tick them, de-skunk them or what ever you have to do. It’s not the cost you have going to a professional groomers and the treats are going really good. Because everyone wants to give their dog a treat when they’re done getting their bath. Our customers love it. They love that they can bring their dog in here and he can shake when he’s all done and they don’t have that mess at home.”
- Kathy Weintz, Dog Gone Clean Car Wash

“I have a large dog. She’s very active and getting her in and out of our tub at home can be hard to do.”
- Dog Wash Customer

“This makes life so much easier. So fortunately for me but unfortunately for Lucy she gets a bath more often than if I would have to do this at home.”
- Dog Wash Customer

“When we come to the dog wash it’s more frequent, at least once a month. She’s outside a lot so she has a tendency to start to smell like a dog. Plus she’s the shedding dog.”
- Dog Wash Customer